Talent Manager

I help talented and committed performers 

achieve their goals.

Hi,  I'm Sharon

I have been a Talent Manager/Agent for over 30 years.

I help talented, committed performers shoot for the stars.

It takes a team effort and it isn't easy but it can be done.

The one consistent take away I have from my 30 plus years as an international talent manager is that those who succeed are those who persevere, who take the knocks and get back up again and again, who trust that what they are doing is their destiny, who have enough faith in themselves to invest in their career and who know that they cannot succeed alone - that they must ask for, and accept, help.

The truth is that if you have talent and take the right actions at the right time, achieving success is relatively simple. It's not easy but it is way simpler than most make it.

It's hard enough to get started in this industry as it is without making it harder on yourself.

It's not easy but I can make the journey simpler.

Sure it's competitive out there

but you can achieve success

if you know what to do, when to do it

and how to do it.

Celine Ajobong

Celine Ajobong has just completed filming on Season 3 of Mustangs FC, reprising her role of Ruby.



The Brokenwood Mysteries” is back on air for his 6th season with Karl Willetts again playing Frankie "Frodo" Oades.



Mia, has been cast to play Young Princess Fiona in the Gordon Frost Australian production of "Shrek" which is on stage in Sydney's Lyric Theatre from January 2020.

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