I think the hardest part about being a performer is staying positive. The long silences, feeling like a number on your agents books, no auditions, no bookings and then when you do get an audition you blow it……………or do you?

We are, as humans, our own worst enemy. A whole and massive industry has formed around helping us humans deal with our low self esteem, our seeming failure to succeed, our inability to climb out of that dark hole our mind sends us too – seemingly on a daily basis.

“I am not good enough”

“That casting director hates me”

“My agent doesn’t believe in me”

“I should take my friends and family’s advice and get a real job. Give up on this unrealistic dream”

Sound familiar?

One of the things I see often is an actor waits and waits and waits for an audition. Then suddenly one comes, out of the blue.

First problem “I am rusty”

Solution Don’t get rusty. Your job as an actor is to work on yourself every day. Stay positive, make positive choices, exercise that performance muscle.

Then you go to the audition and completely muck it up. You know the feeling. You walk out feeling like a complete idiot and just knowing that casting director will never audition you again. What an idiot.

In this video I talk about why you are wrong, why it’s not always that bad – in fact often it’s good.