I WANT, I desperately want, to submit my clients for those magic roles, the ones they have waited a lifetime for.

I live to give you THAT opportunity.

In a previous post I talked about a confluence of events – Right role, right actor, right time

I don’t know when that role is going to come but when it does it will be moving fast and the competition is fierce.

So, I submit you.

Of course I do.

But if your material is not reflective of the type, size or calibre of the role then the casting director looks at me as if I am an idiot and you get passed over.

Here’s the problem.

I don’t know when the next role that is right for you is coming.

It may be later today, next week, next month, next year or in 2 years’ time.

Right role, right actor, right time. 

By the time you read online or on a casting site about a project or role;

  • the producer is already in talks with the agents of his “target” list and
  • casting is already a good way through their search for that new “star” to tempt the director with.

The only way to get a real foot in the door at a high level is to be prepared so when the first inkling of a project crosses my desk, I can get you in the door. If I don’t get you in then, you are playing catch up and that’s not a good place to start.

In fact, it’s nowhere.

The director already has their eye on someone.

The casting director has 2 or 3 “interesting” options.

The dye is cast………….

So, what do you do to ensure this doesn’t happen to you?

Make sure I have the tools to go into battle for you WHEN I need them……not a month later.

Nor when you read about it online.

I know it feels frustrating – you spend all your time and money on new photos, new scenes, training…………and nothing happens.

But that’s the industry we love.

Things happen.  Exciting things happen

When you least expect it.

And often catches you unprepared!

So, when the role comes in that you have been waiting for, your material is old, not reflective of your ability now (or worse – non-existent) and I have nothing with which to grab the casting director’s attention. Nothing with which to say “see this actor”.  

I can tell them how wonderful you are, how much training you have been doing and how new scenes are coming…….soon.

But with 2000 submissions for THAT role, plus the directors precast “hit list”, you are exactly nowhere, and I have nothing to back up my claims, nothing to get them excited about you.

Nothing frustrates me more!

I don’t have time to wait for you to deliver material next week or in a couple of weeks. 

I don’t have time for you to decide to record something suitable for that role.

I don’t have time because the job is gone as quickly as it arrived.

So, here’s my message to you.

Be prepared.

Be exciting.

Update your scenes every 3 – 4 months. Don’t stick to same old. Go to training no matter how experienced you are – get some new perspective on your acting, get better, record new scenes that show how good you look on screen and how good you are.

Make sure your scenes target the roles you want to play and the level that those roles are at. 

A 30 second scene where you say 4 lines is not going to get you in the room for a lead role.                           

Don’t copy a scene from a film or TV show. It loses something – excitement. It’s not new.

Be original.

Be smart and


Because when that role that you have been waiting for, that you are perfect for, comes along, you want to be FIRST IN LINE.