Is signing with an agent the end game?

Do you think that signing with an agent is the end game?

That’s it. Now you can sit back and they’ll make your career. Right?


What you have done is engaged the interest of someone who thinks you have potential. It might be your look, your training or even your current level of acting ability or talent. Whatever it is, you currently have their interest.

But here’s the kicker.

If you don’t continue to show them how good you are, how professional you are and how hard you are prepared to work. If you don’t show this new “interested party” that you are prepared to invest in yourself then it won’t be long before they begin to lose interest in you.

Unless your material is perfect and you are the best actor in the world then your job is to continue to earn their interest and hope that interest turns into belief in you because then they will do everything in their power to make your career happen.

Because you have been on a course or even graduated with a degree in acting does not make you a good actor, it makes you a trained actor. There is a difference. Your training is a great start but it will most likely not get you in the room with a casting director unless your material and your rep back up your belief in yourself. No-one will take your word for it.

So, what do you do?

You have to show your agent and the industry decision makers that you are worth investing in by being proactive, learning about type and niche and who you are as an actor now (not in 10 years), up-skilling by continuing to attend workshops and shooting scenes that showcase your type and your ability – to prove your case. To show what you can do and that you are working hard to improve and grow as an actor.

Scenes that are even a year old should be out of date because you should have got better. If you haven’t then you have reached your chosen upper limit or you have stopped trying.

So, getting an agent is the perhaps the first step on a very long ladder or squiggly road as I like to call it. You must now navigate your way until you reach a point where that interest in your potential becomes belief in your ability.

Now comes the next part – and for some the hardest part.

You have to trust your agent. There is no point signing with an agent and treating them like a casting service. That will get you nowhere.

Signing with an agent has to be about moving forward as an actor or performer. So once signed ask for advice and take it. Trust them. They are on your team. They are there to help you.