What do your photos say about you?

A professional looking photo should say “I am a professional. I take my job as an actor seriously and I am prepared to invest in my career”

But what if you don’t have professional shots?

Well it follows that is says the opposite.

So, here’s the lesson from that.  If you are not prepared to invest in yourself why should others – agents, managers, casting directors invest their time in you?

But there’s much more to the photo story.

If you have turned up for the photo session with no idea who you are portraying, what your brand is, who you are then your photos will give out that message.

Do your homework. Think about who you are and who you are becoming.

In your photos the key is authenticity mixed with a bit of adventure and a dollop of confidence – real or pretended.

Your photos will show how you feel. Simple as that.  It doesn’t matter what you have on clothes wise if you feel sassy then sassy will show through.  If you are feeling unsure that will show through as well.

So, practice the feelings. Visualise the person you want to be, the person you want to become in the same way you learn lines of a script.

A trick I have learned with visualisation – it only works if you associate feelings to the picture.  Put on the clothes you are thinking of wearing for the photo shoot.  Look in the mirror.  There is the person.  Now associate the way that person feels.

If you feel unsure or silly push that aside and pretend.  Act confident.  Now you have a picture in your mind of how you look in those clothes.  Picture it several times a day and associate the feelings you want that person to feel.

They say the camera can see into your soul.  Maybe it can, maybe it can’t but for sure it can see your feelings through your eyes and body language.  If you are feeling nothing then your eyes will be blank in the photo.

Give the camera something to find. The photographer is there to capture the moment.

It’s not the photographers job to find your feelings and bring them out – it’s yours.